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WordPress SEO Checklist

Back in the year 2003, WordPress started as a blogging platform. But soon after its launch, it transformed into a powerful and flexible content management system.

Fast forward to the year 2021, WordPress now offers an incredible solution to create an entire e-commerce website easily. In fact, many popular websites like BBC America, TechCrunch,, The Rolling Stones, and name a few, are powered by WordPress.

But, keep in mind that using WordPress as a CMS isn’t enough to be visible on the internet. You need to optimize your website and work through various things to make a real difference in the ranking.

So, here is a list of advanced tips and tactics that will help you to take your website to the next level.


1- Do keyword research: Keyword research is crucial because search terms can be used to optimize the site’s content. In fact, keyword research should be the first thing you must focus on before starting any SEO project.

There are various free tools available online which you can use to identify useful keywords that are worth optimizing.

No matter if you are building a website from scratch or are producing new content, knowing the keywords is essentials, especially if you want to rank the site.


2- Set custom URLs for posts and pages: WordPress uses your page’s title to generate URLs, and this URL can be lengthy and sometimes get trimmed on the SERPs.

If your title has the main keyword that you wish to target, then you can easily edit or choose to overwrite the default URL and select a custom permalink for the page.

Just click the “edit” button and enter the preferred URL. You are good to go!


3- Employ optimized page headings: Besides the page’s default URL, even the title defines your H1 heading.

The page’s H1 heading gives the context on what your page is about to the search engines and users. H1 heading works similar to the title of a book.

It is best to utilize H2 – H6 headings along with H1 because they give structure to your content and even breaks the texts, and makes reading easy.

If H1 works as the book’s title, then H2s are similar to chapters along with subsequent tags that act as sub-headings. But, make sure never to force keywords in the title if they don’t fit naturally.


4- Use internal linking: The next thing you must focus on is establishing topic relevancy between different pages on your website by linking them internally. Internal linking can also help in passing authorities earned from external links and aid the users to navigate through the site efficiently.

Internal linking can be done easily by highlighting the texts which you want to link. Then click the “link” button on the toolbar that will allow you to search pages within your website or paste a URL directly.


5- Install cache plugin to enhance site plugins: For this, you may require working with WordPress SEO Company if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the process.

We all know that site speed plays a key role in the ranking factor. Working with professionals means the very technical part of the process will be taken care of. They will use cache plugins to cache your pages and posts as a static file. These static files are presented directly to the users instead of being dynamically produced every time, therefore significantly improving the overall performance.


6- Optimize the images: Another proven way of improving the website’s speed and performance is by optimizing the images.

If your content contains a lot of rich media and images, then the page’s size can increase noticeably.

Thankfully, there are ways to optimize the images quickly. Start by decreasing the size before adding the images on the site. Or use tools to optimize the entire media library at once and even the future uploads.


Over to you

When compared to other CMS, there is no doubt that WordPress is the most SEO-friendly CMS. One can easily use a small number of impressive plugins to implement a host of SEO tactics.

If you haven’t experienced the goodness of WordPress yet, then connect with a reliable WordPress SEO company to upgrade your existing CMS today.

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