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Why Video Is Key To 2023 Marketing Success

The start of the new year is here, so it’s time to find marketing strategies that will help propel your brand forward. While time-tested techniques such as social media marketing are still in use today, it’s no longer unique enough to make a big impression on target audiences. If you’re looking for ways to get ahead of the competition, it’s time to include video marketing and all of its frills like a video brochure and mailer as a part of your strategy.

What Makes Video Marketing So Powerful?

Nowadays, most people don’t want to spend time reading to find relevant information. Consumers today want to get the necessary information they need as fast as possible. Without the need to scroll through several articles and posts, a potential customer becomes more satisfied and is more likely to choose your brand or products.

1 – Gets Your Message Across Faster

Using a video brochure with short, but informative clips about your brand, product, or message is the best way to get your audience’s attention. Customers can easily view the video/s your marketing team has uploaded on the brochure which they can watch to get all the facts and information they need to choose your business above everyone else.

2 – video boxes Make A Lasting Impression

Typical flyers and printed brochures sent via the mail are often piled together by the receiver and forgotten about in seconds. An even worse, but true scenario is that all these printed ads are thrown away as soon as they arrive, and that’s marketing effort down the drain.

However, a video box and other similar video marketing items stand out from regular mail. They are larger, which captures the attention of the target audience. The best part? Curious receivers will definitely open the box which means your message is automatically shared. This unique way of reaching your customers is a sure way they will remember your brand.

3 – One Of A Kind Marketing Strategy

In today’s world where everything has to be shared on social media for it to be relevant, a unique marketing strategy is a must. Sending video mailers to influencers with a large following practically guarantees your time in the spotlight. These video marketing tools are very new and top-notch in the world of advertising and influencers are always excited to share their experience with others.

4 – Building Trust And Credibility

Making a good impression on your audience is the key to attracting loyal customers. A strategy like sending a video brochure will leave the receiver with a positive and possibly impressed first impression regarding your brand. Since these video marketing tools are 100% customizable according to your needs and marketing goals, you can send out messages that instill trust and credibility from the moment your audience opens their mail.

5 – Video Mailers Are Game Changers

There’s no use in getting stuck in the past and reusing the same old marketing strategies of old. It’s time to look into new ways of connecting with your customers that are sure to get you on the map this 2023. Whether it’s in the form of a video box or brochures, these are sure to get your brand the recognition it deserves.

Bring your brand to the next level by using innovative marketing tools such as a video brochure, video box, or video mailer. Find out more by calling MediaFast today.

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