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What is an Undetectable Proxy?

A proxy is a useful tool for browsing the internet anonymously; it’s more impressive if it can’t be found.

This is particularly relevant now that different websites use different proxy tracking tools and technologies to try to figure out who is connecting.

There are proxies on the market that say they can’t be blocked, found, or identified. Know more about proxy/vpn detected

In reality, though, these kinds of services don’t exist, and websites can easily spot them.

This is why you should do a lot of study on a proxy service before you choose it to make sure it lives up to your hopes.

Why can’t the proxy be identified?

In reality, there is no such thing as a 100% untraceable proxy. But in this case, we’re talking about a proxy server that is made to be hard for websites and other servers to find and stop.

It hides your IP address, giving you a new one that looks like a regular one, so webpages can process and accept your requests. This is similar to how a VPN works.

An undetectable proxy works without being noticed once it sets up a secure link on your internet connection.

This means that no service will be able to tell that you’re connecting through a proxy site.

They also don’t show your IP address.

How does a proxy that cannot be detected work?

  • Utilizing a system of rotating IP addresses to ensure that web requests are not sent repeatedly from the same IP address.
  • Utilizing a specialized IP address on the proxy server that is solely allocated to one user.
  • Masking the headers of HTTP requests to evade identification by websites and proxy blockers.

Furthermore, undetectable proxies offer a range of additional functions:

  • They provide a transparent connection to the customer.
  • A hidden proxy acts as an intermediary and protective barrier between the user’s computer and the online world.
  • Manages and utilizes the internet on behalf of the user.
  • A proxy server that is undetectable works by concealing the location of users, making it impossible to trace them using their IP address.
  • Furthermore, it also securely scrambles or encrypts user data to ensure that it remains completely inaccessible and unreadable during transmission
  • Nevertheless, an undetectable proxy is not completely invisible and it also differs from a VPN.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to choose or configure the internet browser and other network protocol programs on the client computer to establish the IP address of the proxy.

Best undetectable proxy providers:

1. Smartproxy


  • Extensive IP pool with a global reach of over 55 million
  • Connect an unlimited number of devices
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • User-friendly interface
  • IP rotation


  • Internet speeds that are frustratingly slow

2. Oxylabs


  • Quick loading times thanks to 100 million IP addresses
  • round-the-clock live chat service
  • the SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols.


  • Quite pricey

3. IPRoyal:


  • available in many different countries
  • Cheap rates HTTPS protocol with SOCKS5


  • Low download speed Refund policy not applicable

Benefits of an undetectable proxy

  1. Privacy and security

One of the easiest ways to safeguard yourself from trackers when using the internet is to use an invisible proxy.

  1. Obtaining content that is geoblocked or restricted

You can access websites with geo-restrictions by using undetectable proxies.

This enables you to access any website from anywhere at any time.

  1. Get around proxy blocks

Due to their invisibility and ability to be routed like conventional IP addresses, undetectable proxies are able to easily evade these security measures.

  1. Increase throughput while conserving bandwidth.

A proxy that is undetectable can help the network function better.

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