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Useful Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Backlinks Management

Here is a list of methods for managing your backlinks for SEO strategists. These methods come with helpful tips to make the work simpler for you. You may manage your backlinks more effectively using these methods.

  1. Optimize your campaigns for link building

This method is generally chosen over all others because it can create a strong connection profile. You won’t have to worry about taking down damaging backlinks from your site if you have a successful link-building campaign.

  • Always look at your referring domains’ link profiles
  • Concentrate your marketing efforts on reputable websites with strong link profiles.
  1. Check the spam score of the backlinks

Think about determining whether your backlinks are spammy. By looking at the Spam Score of the backlink, you may measure this. Low spam is defined as a spam score of 1-30%. To prevent having your page penalized by Google, try to keep your backlinks inside this range.

  1. Monitor and also claim lost backlinks

One of various ways may result in the loss of a backlink. It’s possible that a webmaster removed a link or that a referring page became a 404 error page. When tracking your backlinks, look at the link speed of your pages.

  1. Set alerts for any lost/broken backlinks

Establish alerts for both earned and lost backlinks. Your SERP rating might be made or broken by a lost backlink (or a new one) from a high authority domain.

  1. Set Google alerts for monitoring competitor’s backlinks

Additionally, you can create alerts for harmful terms that point to your website.

  1. Track trust flow and also citation flow of backlinks

If you work in the SEO sector and you discovered backlinks with health-related subjects, you should check their relevancy to your website.

  1. Check the ratio between do-follow and no-follow

Obtaining do-follow backlinks from pertinent pages and no-follow links from promotional websites is the best course of action.

  1. Retain only high-quality backlinks

Check it twice first. You no longer have access to a link once it has been disabled. Make sure your website only contains questionable links.

The following are a few useful tools that can be used.

  1. Linkascope

This tool can offer a full monitoring solution for backlink management and website uptime. With the help of these Linkascope tools, you can identify and fix issues before they have an effect on your websites and customers.

  1. URL Shortener

Make your lengthy custom links shorter by using a link shortener.’s tool will reliably shorten your long links while still linking to the same domains.

To use this link shortener tool, just copy and paste a long link into this link converter. Your URL will be changed into a special short link, and the rest will be taken care of by this tool.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs began out as a simple backlink tool. They have expanded with many new services, including a tool for keyword research.

  1. Semrush

Semrush is perhaps best known to you as a keyword tracking and research tool. But they just expanded its feature set by including a backlink tool.

All these are quite useful tools to make your website more visible on search engine results.

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