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Three Facts that Businesses Must Know About Text Compliance 

Text messaging applications gain traction among enterprises in the business sector continuously. These communication platforms enable businesses to reach their target audience better and connect with employees. Efficient communication is crucial for companies to improve workflow and the supply chain, regardless of the industry.

However, integrating text messaging apps involves compliance for text messages established by regulatory commissions. Regulations differ in every country, as each nation implementsspecific policies. In this regard, let’s focus on the US. These are some of the facts that businesses planning to use the messaging channel:

Fact 1: Obtain Consent

The 2012 revision of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires telemarketers to secure writtenconsent from consumers before contacting them. This only means that businesses cannot simply send any messages to the person without getting their approval. 

For enterprises, getting the person’s approval to receive promotional or informational messages is not limited to written consent. Getting this consent can also be done through the following options:

Create an online consent form with clearly stated terms and conditions (TAC) where customers can input their phone number

Let the person sign a physical copy of the form with clearly stated TAC physically

Ask them to use the keyword sent along an advertisement containing the TAC for approval 

Fact 2: Provide More Disclosure Details

Once the consumer agrees to receive text messages from the telemarketer, the business must now disclose the complete scope of the short message service (SMS) communications. This must also include the opt-out mechanism for individuals.

The telemarketer’s first-ever message to the new subscriber must inform them that they opted-in to receive messages. The consumer must also see the following information in the text:

  • Telemarketer’s identity
  • Number of times the person will receive messages
  • Info about message and data rates may apply
  • Opt-out option and specific instructions to do it

Fact 3: Pay Due Diligence When Importing Contacts

TCPA covers all contacts, either old or new subscribers. Businesses must thoroughly check if each person on their subscription list voluntarily agreed to provide the following:

  • Phone number
  • Consent to receive messages

Strictly observing this fact is important to avoid an unexpected violation, especially regarding consent from the consumer.

LeapXpert Can Help Ensure Text Compliance

Observing the facts mentioned above is crucial to stay compliant with the existing SMS compliance rules in the US. Capturing text messages is also important for businesses to keep track of interactions between them and their customers for future regulatory checks and adherence to the rules.

LeapXpert is a reputable SMS archiving company that businesses can trust. Contact us for more information.


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