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Excel makes it simple to multiply and divide numbers, however, you must first build a basic formula. Just keep in mind that all formulae in Excel start with the equal symbol (=), which allows you to build them using the equation bar. Also see how to multiply in excel

Number multiplication

For example, you might wish to calculate the amount of bottled water you’ll need for a client meeting (total participants x 4 days x 3 bottles each day) or the travel costs you’ll be reimbursed for (total miles x 0.46). There are various methods for multiplying numbers.

Multiply the figures in a cell.

Use the asterisk (*) arithmetic symbol to complete this job. For instance, if you enter =5*10 in a cell, the cell will show 50 as the outcome.

Multiply a row of values by a fixed amount.

  • Let’s say you would want to multiply each one of the seven integers in a column by a value that is present in a different cell. The multiplier you wish to use in this instance is 3, which is located in cell C2.
  • In a separate column of your spreadsheet, enter =A2*$B$2. Press ENTER after placing a $ sign in the formula before B and before 2.
  • To the remaining cells inside the column, drag the formula downwards.
  • Use an equation to multiply the numbers in separate cells.
  • The PRODUCT method can be used to multiply ranges, cells, as well as digits.

In the PRODUCT function, users can employ any sequence of up to 255 numbers or cell references. For instance, multiplying two single cells (A2 and G4), two values (12 and 150), & three ranges yields the formula =PRODUCT(A2, A4:A15,12, E3:E5,150, G4, H4:J6) (A4:A15, E3:E5, and H4:J6).

Divide numbers

Let’s imagine you would want to calculate the number of hours needed to complete a project (total project hours divided by the number of persons working on the project) or the real miles per gallon you used on your most recent cross-country journey (total miles divided by the number of gallons). There are numerous methods for dividing numbers.

Split the digits in a cell.

Just use the forward slash (/) arithmetic operator to complete this task.

For instance, if the cell that you enter =10/5 it shows 2.

Important: Be quite certain to input an equal sign (=) in the cell whenever you type the numbers and also the / operator; otherwise, Excel will perceive what you input as a date. If you enter 7/30, for instance, Excel might show 30-Jul in the cell. Alternatively, if you enter 12/36, Excel will change it to 12/1/1936 and show 1-Dec in the cell.

Note: Excel does not have a DIVIDE function.

Numbers can be divided using cell references.

You could refer to the values you would like to divide and divide by using cell references, such as A2 and A3, rather than putting the values directly into a formula.

Divide a fixed value by a column of digits.

Let’s say you would like to divide each of the numbers in a column by a different number that is present in a different cell. Make sure that the formula has a $ sign before C and before 2.

To the remaining cells in column B, drag the formula down.

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