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Improve Web Accessibility with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin

Every business owner needs to have an accessibility website for everyone, including people with a disability. There is approximately 15% of the population across the world with some sort of disability. If you focus on the web accessibility of your site, you are able to invoke more traffic to your business from a wider segment of people who are looking for you online. If you do not focus on web accessibility, you will lose this segment of targeted customers who would not have otherwise been able to access your site.

Keeping the above in mind, the accessibe wordpress plugin has the sole objective of boosting the accessibility of your WP site cost-effectively and promptly. It can be conveniently installed in under two minutes. It helps you to boost the search engine optimization of the site. Search engines give preferences to sites with a high level of accessibility over the ones that do not focus on this important factor.

Create an all-inclusive user-experience

When you focus on web accessibility, you are able to create a user experience that is non-discriminatory in nature. Users are happy as you are able to give them all the features of a professional website. You are able to boost the user experience of people without disabilities as well. You can give everyone better navigation and reading experience when they visit your site for products and services or information for their purchasing needs. In this way, you also get a competitive edge in the market with success!

Get an accessibility audit done promptly

If you are not sure about the accessibility levels of your site, you need to get an audit done. Thanks to Accessibe, you are effectively able to conduct an audit of your site with its free aCe Scanner. It will check your site and give you a report on the areas of web accessibility you would have to work on. In this manner, you can understand the areas where your site should be rectified to boost its presence to a wider targeted audience in the market with success!

Sign up for a free trial

In order to enjoy the benefits of web accessibility for your site, you can always sign up for a free trial with the accessibe wordpress plugin to assess how it works. In this way, you can get the hang of the tool and understand its benefits for your site.

Accessibility is crucial in the world today for every site. It is a legal requirement that you cannot overlook. In the past, keeping a website compliant was a difficult ordeal; however, thanks to accessibility plugins for WordPress sites, you no longer face this problem anymore. Installing this innovative plugin on your site means you are enhancing the functionality of your site and, at the same time, increasing business opportunities for everyone, including people with disabilities, with success! It is prudent for you to be digitally responsible when it comes to your WordPress site.

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